Hello! I’m a professional graphic designer located in the Chicagoland area with over ten years of experience in advertising and marketing. My portfolio expands with work for non-profits, healthcare providers, small business owners, and brides-to-be. I offer a full range of products and services including branding, corporate design and custom stationery. 

I strive on bringing fresh modern design to the table, conceptually and visually.  Over the years my affinity for all things paper grew tremendously. I share a deep-rooted passion for beautiful typography and patterns. Attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and the finest printing methods are most important to me.

My enthusiasm to do what I love drives me to do my best work and tackle any project.  I love the entire process, but most all, building continued relationships with my clients. When I am not designing, you will find me with my husband and three handsome boys!

I am currently a contributing designer for and My Etsy store is soon to come, stay tuned!